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In no particular order of preference...

My Reflection by Rebecca Heineman, Asuka and Jimmy Brimstone

What if one day, you awoke to find that all traces of your existance was replaced by someone elses? Everyone you knew, had never met you before. All your memories, existed only in your head, and your family, telling you that you're not who you think you are?

My Reflection: Coming Soon

MSF High by Wraith and Aakashi

MSF High is just your typical high-school... If your typical high-school had a student body of ghosts, demons, angels, and shape-shifters!
MSF High School

Dead Winter by S. Dave Shabet

Elizabeth Rose Cooper is your typical underpaid, overworked, stressed out waitress at a greasy spoon diner, until the zombies came to eat her brain.
Dead Winter

The Wotch by Anne Onymous and Robin Ericson

It all started one day in band camp, where Anne was given a magical flute... It went downhill from there.
The Wotch

Sailor Sun by CD Rudd

Bay and Honey starred in their own fan fiction, until the author got bored and fired them. Now, these unemployed actresses need to make a living, somehow.
Sailor Sun

Crossworlds by Thomas F. Revor Jr. and Darin Brown

In a world where humans never existed, strange mythical beasts worry about taxes, employment and getting a great deal on Purina Centaur Chow.